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WALOU est dans la LUNE et il a rencontré John C. de Mars et ça donne grave envie de voyager dans sa tête en création… Parole de WALOU

Thanks a lot of WALOU at John C. de Mars for your épandemic inspiration…

John C. de Mars,
un vrai ovni fabuleux pour WALOU

Composer, actor, musician, songwriter, martian…
Independent Rock Music ArtistYou can choose to close your eyes or look away. You can try to make things happen and fight to make this world more bearable in your eyes.John Lennon imagined it. The Boss still struggles.Ziggy Stardust proved us that life on Mars was possible. Not finding his place among the earthlings John C. has decided to settle on this small red planet dreaming a world that does not exist yet. Sometimes he disguises himself as an Earthling to come back to see us, singing a song or two before returning to his space shuttle to take refuge far from the blue planet. It is not contempt, nor arrogance, just a vital need not to become sad or crazy.
John C. de Mars